Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards

Top 10 Best Gaming Keyboards

From full-scale keys to laser Beams the best gaming keyboards have everything.

Some 10 years ago, for certain individuals, the best gaming keyboards were the regular keyboard which was shipped with their first PCs which definitely was not up to the mark and that was only built for games like Mario, Duck Hunt, and other 32 bit games.

But now, for us, the best experience in gaming comes with the best gaming keyboard which is specially designed for the gaming and also to your regular usage like working, style statements, etc. etc. And if Keyboard is Batman in beating the other in games then we need the sidekick with him to like Robin to make things easier and then enters the gaming mouse which enhances your experience to the next level.

So it is important for anyone and especially for gamers, they should have those awesome, comfortable, responsive best gaming keyboards under their fingers so they can beat their enemies in the games they want.


There are console switches in all flavors and hues, so here’s the inside scoop on the best mechanical console switches around.

Whether you need soft and speedy buttons for speedy clicks for fast-paced games, or you only want simple tasks to be done like typing for delicate fingers this review will help you to grab the best gaming keyboard.

There are top 10 best gaming keyboards featured in this list as gaming keyboards because for a lot of us speedy, well designed and well-spaced key buttons are best, but some of us don’t want the feel or buzz. We have also reviewed some less expensive, high-quality keyboards variants too.

The key is the most important aspect while making a choice while picking up a new and best gaming keyboard. Cherry is the most common, and most recognizable mechanical switches, but there are lots of alternatives on offers, as well and specialist switches to pick from.

Other features we all want to and we always consider are the dedicated macro keys, media controls, and USB passthrough keyboard and of course size, we also want to consider. Full-sized keyboards always offer the most features and the number pad, but if you don’t have that much space on your desk then all those extras you spend on it will be useless. No number pad or Tenkeyless and the compact keyboards can be the then better option, especially if you don’t you want those extras keys and alt

We have reviewed and listed our top picks of the best gaming keyboards below and where you can buy them online.

1. Best Gaming Keyboard – Corsair K95 RGB Platinum

The Best Gaming keyboard

  • Size:- Full Size
  • Switch: Cherry MX Speed, Brown
  • Pass-through: USB
  • Wrist rest: Removable
  • Media Control: Dedicated
  • Backlight: RGB

When you want the extreme best gaming keyboard, then you won’t find the more premium keyboard than Corsair K95 Platinum. Let me warn you that it is a pretty big keyboard, you should clear the clutter from your desk before thinking to buy this and using it but if come to the feature section the Corsair K95 RGB Platinum has it all like USB Pass through, dedicated media controls, RDB backlit, metal volume wheel, etc, etc.

It also comes with an extra set of textured keys of WASD specially designed for gaming giving you more comfort than others in the list. It is a bit expensive than others on the list but we have included it in the list as we have seen a steady drop in the K95.

I personally also love its detachable wrist rest as it makes going highly comfortable for long gaming streams or sessions. It has a rubberized wristpad that is easily attached to the keyboard through the provided magnets and also has two contrasting textures on it;- one is rough and one is smooth side respectively. Switching its side is very easy like flipping it over, and what brings exception is the added comfort it brings with it.

During our hands-on, we have like the excellent key response, a full-sized and decently spread keys for the variation of hand-sized, a very satisfying tactile keypress, and well-curved keys for resting your fingers while you are actually not pressing it down. K95 is top on the list of best gaming keyboard because it has all the points in its kit which we are looking for the comfortable gaming session

2. Best Gaming Keyboard –HyperX Alloy Elite RGB

With extra flash and feature the best gaming keyboard

  • Size:- Full Size
  • Switch: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red
  • Pass-through: USB
  • Wrist rest: Removable
  • Media Control: Dedicated
  • Backlight: Red

The HyperX Alloy Elite adorns a simple and aesthetic 16.9 million colors to lit up, while still having the features which we want in a good quality gaming keyboard. It comes in Brown, Red, and blue Cherry MX colors. The only flaw in this is of it lacks a macro column dedicatedly and it makes up for its reasonable price and quality and durable design.

The HyperX Alloy Elite RGB gives full marks to it as gaming keyboard and also it has a USB passthrough, dedicated media controls, full RGB backlit, and a removable wrist-rest.

To up to its simplicity and aesthetics, it has WASD keys designed for silver keycaps and also for the first four number keys. The keyboard also supports a full N-Key Rollover i.e we don’t have to worry about the key are not pressing and registering. 

The new HyperX Alloy Elite 2 has been launched recently having some ABS pudding key covers, but you can only by on the HyperX website for now. It is amazing but only lags of wrist rest. This puts the HyperX Alloy Elite on no. 2 of our best gaming keyboard list

3. Best Gaming Keyboard – Razer Cynosa Chroma

Especially for Membrane enthusiasts – Best Gaming Keyboard

  • Size:- Full Size
  • Switch: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red
  • Pass-through: Wired USB
  • Wrist rest: Removable
  • Media Control: Dedicated
  • Backlight: Per key RGB

The Razer Cynosa is for you if you demand a full membrane gaming and typing experience as the mecha-membrane doesn’t fit you. If you prefer the soft touch of a pure membrane switch then the Razer Cynosa keyboard is just for you.

I have personally reviewed Cynosa and I can tell you that it gives the best feeling under your fingers having low profile membrane keys and at the price of $60 making it the most affordable typing/gaming keyboards out in the market. But let me tell you it lacks in some basic needs like dedicated media control or removable wrist rest but it also has Razer’s extensive RGB lits which can be programmed on a per-key basis or the areas you want on the keyboard.

It is tough, having good finishing keyboards and also having the best membrane option of the vast range I have ever tested. There is also an upgraded model of it for $20 that just adds the under-glow RGB effect, and spending $20 dollars for this only and you love this feature then it is okay but I personally recommended you to save that extra bucks. This put Razer Cynosa Chroma on no. 3 of our Best Gaming Keyboard

4. Best Gaming Keyboard – Logitech K840

An in Budget best gaming keyboard for game lovers.

  • Size:- Full Size
  • Switch: Logitech Romer-G
  • Pass-through: NO
  • Wrist rest: NO
  • Media Control: Function key integrated
  • Backlight: NO

Logitech owned Romer-G switch creates the magic it is known for, specially designed with the Japanese collaboration with the Omran, the Japanese switch giant. This awesome keyboard was first launched in the higher range but now it has been put in the budget-friendly for the first time in its history and for this reason we have included it in our list of best gaming keyboard

You are not going to get extra features backlit, wrist rest, or USB passthrough, or even dedicated macros in K840 as you are getting Romer-G at such a low price, but still without any moderated design its superb by giving up those extra lighting features. The only issue in this keyboard is that it has a cheap and very fragile, pad printed letter which is likely to fade away with the usage and time. This put Logitech K840 no no. 4 of our best gaming keyboard.

5. Best Gaming Keyboard – Asus ROG Strix Scope

Especially for FPS Lovers.

  • Size:- Full Size
  • Switch: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red, Silent RED, Speed Silver, and Black
  • Passthrough: NOWrist rest: NO
  • Media Control: NO
  • Backlight: RGB

Asus ROG Strix Scope is the keyboard that is specially designed for function over the look and form. While it has the solid aluminum top plate and has industrial designed with typical RGB lighting which can be the first preference of many game lovers if they don’t want to much buzz around.

The ROG Strix Scope is the durable, solid, and especially reliable keyboard that matches the quality exactly as its being advertised without having unnecessary ornaments, and you can get it according to your liking with a wide range of Cherry’s RGB switch

As the name implies it also has some features that will appeal to the fans of first-person shooters. Fully customization of macros is available. It also has the left Ctrl Key a bit broadened up to make it easy for us to press it easily in a tense battle without having of tension pressing any other keys.

The more compact design of the Rog Strix Scope also gives us the extra bit to reach down and hit the buttons easily as the other bottom row keys are always critical in an FPS keyboard. This puts Asus ROG Strix Scope on no. 5 of our best gaming keyboard.

6. Best Gaming Keyboard – Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB

Specially designed for Customization and comfort design lovers.

  • Size:- Split Tenkeyless
  • Switch: Cherry MX Blue, Brown, Red.
  • Passthrough: USB
  • Media Control: NO
  • Backlight: RGB

The first Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB was the best split comfortably designed keyboards in the market and as now we have got an upgraded RGB model it checked the number of checkpoints which was really needed. It is still stuck to the split design, as it will help you to reduce back, neck, and shoulder pain as you can put the two halves of the keyboard at your shoulder width. The slit or the gap in the keyboard lets you drop a flight stick between them for spaces, and can leave the controller within reach while typing in messengers or chat between gaming sessions

The cable that connects the two can be used to cut the crap around your desk or can be used for adjusting for accommodating larger areas. The lift key which does not come with the keyboard gets attached to the bottom of the wrist rest and it can be then tilted for 5 degrees, 10 degrees, or 15 degrees facing towards your hands.

There is an adjusting period when you will take time to adjust yourself to the angled keyboard and layout but after adjusting it to yourself with it, it feels more comfortable and natural.

The Freestyle Edge RGB is highly customizable, having storage for user profiles up to 9, with the ability to customize every key individually (with an entire layer which we can access by clicking the FN keys) and ten dedicated macro keys on the left side or half of the gaming keyboard.

Without any use of any software additionally, the Freestyle Edge RGB is fully programmable, although it can be also customized for a more rich experience with Kinesis Smartest Software. This puts Kinesis Freestyle Edge RGB on no. 6 of our latest gaming keyboard.

7. Best Gaming Keyboard – Razer Huntsman Elite

Especially for Speedy Gamers

  • Size:- Full Size
  • Switch: Cherry Razer Opto-Mechanical
  • Passthrough: NO
  • Wrist rest: Magnetic Detachable
  • Media Control: Dedicated
  • Backlight: 16.8 Million Color RGB

To find Optomechanical Switch the Hunstman Family of Razer Keyboard is the only place., it is most technologically interesting as well as one of the best switches in the market. The Traditional metal contracts are dropped for building optomechanical switch. Instead activates by a beam of light that comes through the switch when the key pressed means the activation of the key is instantaneous.

Removing the weak, lean metal contacts from the switch gives it a major advantage over others as they are always rated as twice as durable as mechanical switches that are up to 100 million keystrokes. They can easily spam but still provide tactile feedback as they activate at 1.5mm and 45g of force and for the same reason, they are also great for typing.

The Elite is well designed too with dedicated media controls, detachable magnetic wrist rest, and a multifunctional dial which can be used for anything from scrolling through the list having 16.8 million RGB color option or adjusting your PC’s volume.

It also has storage in the keyboard as you can save your profile and can open of different PC make it easy to save your preference for any time without sweating for adjusting to the newer one. It is a fully-featured keyboard with some excellent and fantastic switches, but if you want to use it you have to spend some extra bucks for it.

At the Hunstman Tournament edition, the Opto-linear switch was debuted which keeps laser but removes the clicky feedback of the optomechanical switch, and to your surprise, the Huntsman Elite has those in its kit. This gives you some options remaining unchanged in this version. This puts Razer Huntsman Elite on no. 7 on our list of best gaming keyboard.

8. Best Gaming Keyboard – Steel Series Apex Pro

Especially for those who love per-key impulse under their fingers.

  • Size:- Full Size
  • Switch: Ominipoint Adjustable
  • Passthrough: Single USB
  • Wrist rest: Magnetic Detachable
  • Media Control: Dedicated via OLED
  • Backlight: 16.8 Million Color RGB

The Apex Pro is a high solid, and very competitive gaming keyboard and also built on the ability to individually set the impulse point for every key which is its highlight feature even without any high customization. But what is a great advantage in this Apex Pro is the impulse point on a key-by-key basis especially for those who switch from typing to gaming.

The Apex Pro offers a hybrid between a linear and tactile switch and it will help you to reach the decision in the struggle if you are not able to decide between them as it satisfies both needs in the same piece. You can set deeper impulse for typing or higher while playing games.

Also if you always keep pressing an unwanted key by accident and losing your cool you can individually set as per requirement like to the bottom so you don’t have to care about it and push it intentionally whenever needed

To let you alter impulses you need SteelSeries Engine software for per-key settings for across the entire board the Apex Pro also adorn a novel OLED in the upper right-hand corner of the keyboard, it can even display tiny animated gif or can handle media controls easily as its more a gimmick than they need but it does let you change the settings of the key without looking for any other separate software for the same.

With the keycaps at some height and low profile, the chassis contributes to a very attractive design without wasting any additional space around the edges of the keyboard. This puts Steel Series Apex Pro on no. 8 of our list of the best gaming keyboard.

 9. Best Gaming Keyboard – Roccat Vulcan Aimo 121

The most stylish gaming keyboard

  • Size:- Full Size
  • Switch: Titan Switch Linear Red or Tactile Brown
  • Passthrough: USB
  • Wrist rest: Yes
  • Media Control: Dedicated 
  • Backlight: Full RGB

As we all know that the Roccat Vulcan Aimo 121 is the most stylish keyboard on the list and I guarantee that all humans around you will always buzz around this having a sight two-three times. This keyboard has a subtle grain design with a black chassis and top of which we can see the ultra-thin black keycaps with bright colored translucent key switches.

If you have Roccat Swarm Software and using it you set the keyboard with rainbow backlight effect. I guarantee you cant take off your eyes away.

Of course, the design alone cant make the Vulcan Aimo 121 the best gaming keyboard so coming to the typing experience its comfortable and quick, and the gaming experience and performance is awesome. In this keyboard, you can set up your individual profiles for individual games and it will also help you to control your music with a single tap with dedicated media keys. This puts Roccat Vulcan Aimo 121 on no. 9 of our the best gaming keyboard.

10. Best Gaming Keyboard – Razer BlackWidow Lite

The best tenkeyless gaming keyboard

  • Size:- Full Size
  • Switch: Razer Orange
  • Passthrough: USB
  • Wrist rest: NO
  • Media Control: NO
  • Backlight: NO

In the list, the most versatile keyboard is the Razer Blackwidow Lite. It has a very minimalist design as it doesn’t have a Numpad, has Razer Orange switches, and simple white lighting. Razer, the company, had said that the Razer Blackwidow Lite keyboard and help you to switch between and productivity applications easily and we can see it clearly.

The Razer Blackwidow lite is a straightforward, small, and inexpensive one which you can afford if you don’t want to spend more and want to have a more sleek design Gaming keyboard on your desk. As we all know that Razer always like to be buzzy in the market and in looks also but to the surprise they have given this keyboard a decent look

Coming to the drawbacks I noticed in the Razer Blackwidow Lite is that the keys make that tik-tak sound whenever we press the keys and to stop that noise you have to install rubber O-rings in them. They gave the rings in the package, but to install it on the keyboard is always a slow, and pain taking process. This keyboard lacks the media bar which we all low as it makes our life quite easier. Otherwise, it is an all-round performer. This puts Razer BlackWidow Lite on no. 10 of our list of the best gaming keyboard.

Thanks for reading our review of top 10 Best Gaming Keyboard.

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